VergeSense Occupancy & Utlisation

Capture data beyond simple observation

Vergesense offer wired and wireless ceiling mounted camera based sensors for people count and space utilisation intelligence. The Vergesense deep-learning sensors power a more effective workplace, capturing data beyond simple observation. 

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Unprecedented visibility into how your spaces work for your people

The only hardware that appreciates over time.

  • Expand your knowledge of the ways people use space
  • Recognise behavior patterns and space usage to identify opportunities for savings.
  • Go from data to action
  • Better forecast rapidly evolving workplace needs.
  • Fits in seamlessly with your workplace tools
  • VergeSense APIs are easy to integrate with, ensuring that our data can power and drive value across other workplace technology solutions.

wireless sensor

Wireless Sensor

Get more out of your existing real estate assets.

  • Battery powered
  • Installs in seconds with magnetic mounting
  • No IT integration required

Download L302 datasheet

wired sensor

Wired Sensor

Future-proof your next build out

  • PoE Powered
  • Real-time data capture and processing

Download E105 datasheet

The VergeSense Difference

VergeSense offers new perspectives on the ways people use space and get work done. Our intuitive dashboard allows you to derive powerful insights for optimizing space and maximizing productivity

  • People Counting
  • Best-in-class people counting across any space type: rooms, open areas, and more.
  • Signs of Life™
  • Proprietary algorithm detects the items people leave behind for more accurate occupancy counts.
  • Computer Vision
  • AI powered data capture uses computer vision and deep learning to read the room and get smarter over time.
  • Object Detection
  • Advanced data modeling to track the movement of workplace assets and supplies.

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