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XY Sense now integrates with Space Connect

Close-the-loop on office booking systems with real-time sensor data.  
XY Sense and Space Connect

XY Sense + 

Space Connect
The smartest way to navigate a COVID-Safe return to office

Real-time data

XY Sense advanced sensors capture office occupancy data and updates Space Connect in real-time.

  • End booking ‘no shows’ for desks & meeting rooms. 
  • View + book available desks & meeting rooms in real-time.
  • Ensure COVID-Safe capacity limits across floors and rooms. 
  • Avoid COVID contamination by taking ‘used’ spaces offline from booking apps for cleaning.

Enable data-driven space booking

Make it simple for returning workers to find and book a COVID-safe desk or meeting room. XY Sense captures occupancy data every 2 seconds - updating Space Connect booking systems in real-time.

XY Sense sensors able to detect whether a booked room, desk or space is actually being used within a given time period. 

Unused space can be recorded as a no-show and updated via Space Connect to be made available for others to book and use.

An end-to-end solution for COVID-Safe office monitoring and space booking.

Smarter- socially distanced seating

Safely match supply and demand of bookable desks as people return to offices. XY Sense can signal Space Connect when a desk has been occupied and take those immediately adjacent offline.  

Integrations with e-labels on desks can also make it simpler for people to find their booked desk (or avoid one in use.)

Monitor & Report on Social Distancing in Real-Time

XY Sense’s smart sensor can monitor social distancing in real time, sending a signal to Space Connect if two or more people are within 2m of one another for longer than 1 minute. 

This makes it possible to monitor and act on social distancing breaches in real-time as well as incorporate COVID-19 safety reporting into Space Connect analytics views. 

Accurate Forensic Cleaning

XY can provide precise usage data to Space Connect, indicating all of the areas that have had traffic on a floor in a given day, down to the desk level, to optimise cleaning costs. 

Forensically clean and sanitise the 50 desks that have been used today, instead of the 200+ on a given floor.

Measure your ‘new normal’ as workers return

Combine space booking data with actual utilisation data to understand space usage trends, behaviours and patterns as workers start to return to offices. 

Use this powerful combined dataset to inform post-COVID workplace strategies & space redesign.

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