The most complete digital signage platform for your organisation

From simple welcome messages to real-time information on thousands of displays, PADS4 is the reliable digital signage software solution for all your dynamic display communication needs.

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PADS4 Viewer

A high-end presentation viewer

PADS4 Viewer is a complete presentation viewer, offering smooth playback and scheduled presentations on every screen in your network. We know delivery is crucial to your message, that’s why the viewer software integrates with PADS4 scheduling and design tools to give you complete control. And, with display viewer solutions for Windows, HTML5 and System on a Chip, PADS4 support your systems for faster and more efficient integration.

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PADS4 Designer

Develop stunning presentation designs

Easily create interactive presentation designs for your digital signage with PADS4 Designer. PADS4 interactive tool offers simple drag & drop content to help you create dynamic presentations with tools and features including digital signage templates, PDF and IPTV, & much more. It’s our best presentation software yet.

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PADS4 Crystal CMS

Web-based digital signage CMS

Stay in control of content across all your channels with PADS4 Crystal CMS, PADS4 digital signage content management system. With a web-based interface, accessible via secure web portal from any browser, PADS4 Crystal CMS makes it easier than ever to update and manage display content from anywhere. Plus, with full control over user access and rights, channels, and data sources, PADS4 Crystal CMS puts you in control of display rights and users, so your network stays secure. It will enrich your automated content.

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PADS4 Scheduler

A comprehensive digital signage controller

Determine when and where to schedule a presentation and use PADS4 Scheduler to make it happen. Get started with PADS4 presentation controller using the step-by-step wizard to connect and share to your entire signage network. And, with easy drag & drop tools, our digital signage controller is as simple as it is robust.

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PADS4 Server

Share presentations to your entire network

From across the room to across the world, PADS4 server is an effective and efficient way to share presentations, anywhere in your network. PADS4 digital signage server ensures you can play on time, every time, whether displays are across the room or across the globe. Scheduled presentations are forwarded and stored locally at your displays, so your content plays precisely on time, even when your network is offline.

Plus, with fast and efficient real-time data and media-file delivery, you can integrate with files and created merged presentations for added impact.

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PADS4 Agent

Monitoring presentations and networks made easy

PADS4 Agent is a digital signage monitor designed to help you stay on top of network status and performance. It’s the perfect tool to remotely inspect and manage network connections, memory usage, detailed system information, and more. Plus, with alerts to warn you before problems occur, PADS4 Agent offers everything you need for monitoring presentations and networks to ensure delivery quality.

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