A secure position for heavy projectors

Adjust the image simply and accurately with the aid of the ingenious joint, which can hold heavy projectors secure in the selected position. Fine adjustment, including tilt, is made directly on the projector bracket, without the need for any tools. This minimizes the need for image adjustment using the projector, and gives significantly more rapid and easier installation. Cables are effectively concealed in the cable holder of the column. Delivered with a universal slide that can be used with most heavy projectors. A very stable solution that is also easy to service. Available in three lengths: a shorter version of length 110 mm, which cannot be cut to length, length 380 mm that can be cut down by as much as 170 mm and a 1000 mm length that can be cut 790 mm.

New! 1000 mm length!

A white inner ceiling cover is mounted last, after all the cables have been laid, for simpler and more attractive installation.

Maximum load: 20 kg. Finish: white.

Mount from light rigging?
Use our SMS Clamp (FS040013) together with SMS Projector Precision CM F380 and 1000 mm to attach the projector mount from a light rigging. SMS Clamp fits the longer pillars (PP140002 + PP140003). The max weight for the projector is 15 kg when using SMS Clamp.


Placement Ceiling
Tilt: minus 3
Warranty (Years) 5
Tilt: plus 3
VESA Max. Horizontal


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