PADS4 Server

Effective & efficient way to share presentations

A next level digital signage server

Share presentations in the right place at the right time with PADS4 Server. With real-time delivery capabilities, local storage, and instant delivery for content and updates, our digital signage server takes content management to the next level.

Manage and optimize your signage data usage

Make smarter use of you network with our digital signage server to optimize data use and management. PADS4 Server offers features including automatic data compression to reduce bandwidth consumption with local caching to prevent re-caching, which combine to reduce your network load and improve network performance.

Don’t just share presentations, manage them with PADS4 Server. Stay in control of when and how data is distributed using filters to organize targeted distribution of media files with predefined timeframes and bandwidth caps. PADS4 Server puts you in control of server load and network traffic so your displays always operate at optimal speed and resolution.

PADS4 Server, the heart of your signage network

From the initial design to the display content for your audience, PADS4 Server gives you control of your network traffic.

Real-time content sharing and delivery

Media files in your PADS4 Content library and  real-time information are automatically shared with all PADS4 users and delivered to your displays by PADS4 Server. Additions or updates you make are instantly uploaded and shared to ensure that the content of your entire signage network is always up-to-date. 

Backup server

Add a PADS4 Backup server to your network and create a reliable fall-back mechanism for your mission critical digital signage network. Link your Backup server to the primary PADS4 Server at it’s ready to take over its role in case of failures.

Integrated security

Secure access to your PADS4 Server by using a password required logon for your displays. This is especially recommended when your PADS4 Server is accessed over the Internet. Use the built-in permissions for access, data or content to give your PADS4 users secure access to your PADS4 server.

PADS4 Server grows with your network

Whether your current installation is 10 or 10,000 screens, chances are it won’t stay that way. You’re growing, your digital signage server has to grow with you. That’s why PADS4 Server is completely modular, allowing you to add on Sub Servers, link them to your primary server, and extend the capacity of your system.

PADS4 Server has been designed to work with large numbers of connections. Depending on your hardware and usage of the system, PADS4 Server can easily handle up to hundreds of connected displays. If the number of displays exceed the capacity of one PADS4 Server, simply add additional PADS4 Sub Servers. Link them to your primary server, reroute your displays and the capacity of your system will be extended to meet the requirements.

This unique concept of PADS4 Sub Servers is also ideal to minimize network traffic. Work with nested PADS4 servers to bundle your network communication per department, site or country and make your signage network endless scalable.

How big can we go? Our largest PADS4 installation supports 16,000 screens, and it only goes up from there.

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