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The advanced sensor for COVID-safe, smarter workspaces

Introducing the World's most advanced AI sensor for workplaces

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Act on workplace data in real-time

Designed and engineered using proprietary AI, XY Sense is a worldleading smart sensor platform that helps companies access and act on workplace data in real-time.

We help our customers

  • Stop costly space guessing games
  • Create workplaces people love
  • Maximise OPEX costs & efficiency
  • Future-proof commercial real estate strategies
  • Monitor space utilisation in real-time
  • Unlock workplace insights to inform space planning

The first of its kind

Developed in-house by leading machine learning engineers.

  • Advanced AI sensor
  • Analyse people movement not tags or devices.
  • Truly real-time
  • When we say real-time we mean it. Updating your analytics every 2 seconds.
  • Pin point accuracy
  • The best positional resolution on the market. Capture sightings from 30cm - 1m.
  • Greatest range sensor on the market
  • 95 sqm line of sight means fewer sensors to install, cheaper to run.
  • Enterprise-grade security & privacy controls
  • 100% anonymous data capture, processed at the edge of the sensor.

Delivering powerful workplace analytics in real-time

At XY Sense, we know that sensor data is only as good as what you can do with it.

That’s why, in addition to our smart AI sensor we deliver an equally advanced, but simple to use, analytics application for teams to access and act on their workplace data in real-time.

Unlock the workplace insights that matter most

From global portfolio analytics, right down to real-time desk availability, XY Sense is changing the way teams can access and act on workplace data.

real time monitoring


See real-time occupancy as well as movement across space. Updated every 2 seconds

national and global portfolio views


Track utilisation by location, benchmark across portfolios and optimise CRE strategy

desk utilisation by team and floor


View by teams, neighbourhoods or individual desks to inform space planning

meeting and shared space utilisation


View by room capacity, duration, averages and drill down to see occupancy per meeting.


See it in action

How it works

How it works

Real-time, anonymous data capture

When installed and in active mode, the sensor works continuously to capture sightings of the wide-range sensor zone every 2 seconds. While the sensor has pinpoint positional accuracy (<30cm -1m,) of people moving in a given space, the sensor itself only captures XY coordinates of people to protect privacy.

This anonymous scene data is then processed locally at the 'edge of the device', ensuring that no scenes are ever stored on, or ever leave the sensor device.

Continuous improvement & remote releases

XY Sense remotely maintains and updates sensor AI and machine learning capabilities, this makes it possible for us to push new features and sensor capabilities without the need to update hardware. Upcoming feature releases include human behaviour recognition such as; sit stand detection, mobile phone usage, computer usage, anonymous individual’s paths of travel, as well as health and wellbeing measures like ambient noise, temperature.

Data processing at the edge

Processed data is then transmitted via an encrypted MQTT connection to XY Sense's cloud platform through an on-premise 4G hub. Customers have the option to configure the sensors to use their corporate network and firewall. XY Sense's unique sensor daisy-chaining capabilities allows for multiple sensors to connect to one 4G hub.

AI powered position stitching

Encrypted, anonymous sensor data is then processed by proprietary algorithms on the XY Cloud Platform to deliver accurate positional stitching between sensor sightings. This enables full floor plan coverage without duplicates.

Seamless data flows

Having stitched real-time sightings together and normalised against the mapped floor plan, sensor data is then pushed to both our real-time API feed and XY customer analytics platform to update dashboards and customised analytics views.

This processing happens in near real-time with updates delivered to XY customer analytics platform every 2 seconds. This means users can monitor live movement in real-time.

Technical specifications summary

Inbuilt sensors CMOS
Technology Ultra low power deep learning at the edge running custom neural networks designed by XY Sense
Power consumption 3 - 5W
Power & data supply External - Ethernet Cat5e cable via Gateway
Data output For each person detected, an encrypted binary packet is sent via direct connection to the gateway.
  • X,Y coordinates relative to the sensor
  • Anonymous person vector to help differentiate people and prevent double counting. Eg [1.375, 2.75, 0.375,]
Comms protocol HTTPS/ Encrypted MQTT over ethernet
Data usage 1.5 MB/s per 40 sensors
Inbuilt sensors Our sensors have passed FCC and CE certification for international use. XY Sense is a US company and we have validated our installation designs against US and European installation guidelines.

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