PADS4 Designer

Interactive presentation designer

Easily create interactive presentation designs for your digital signage with PADS4 Designer.

Our best presentation software yet

Get creative with digital signage using PADS4 designer. Our drag and drop interface makes it easy to create presentation designs with high-end features for beautiful, dynamic digital signage content.

Create dynamic presentation designs

PADS4 Designer offers powerful presentation design tools to help you create stunning content. With premium features like rich text, YouTube video, Internet pages, PDF, IPTV, digital signage templates, and much more, our presentation software lets you integrate all your data to create truly dynamic display content.

Our familiar Office-like interface offers simple drag-and-drop controls to make getting started easy, and with advanced features, PADS4 Designer enables endless possibilities.

Design compelling data-driven content

Simple drag & drop content designer tool to help you create dynamic presentations.

Interactive Presentations

Get in touch with your audience. Include interactive content like Flash, Internet pages or interactive buttons and let your audience decide about the information they want to see. Interact via a mouse, keyboard or touch or the intelligent way by QR codes, RFID, NFC or a camera in combination with audience recognition software.

Share media files

In PADS4 Designer you can work with media files in all well-known file formats. Place your images, videos and Flash files in the PADS4 Content library and they will automatically be uploaded and shared among all users of your PADS4 system. To manage your files in the PADS4 Content library use the PADS4 Content Organizer tool.

Design for any display

A 4K resolution for an Ultra HD display, a video wall of 6 screens or a LED wall with a custom resolution? PADS4 supports it all. Design for a specific resolution to get the best quality or choose automatic scaling for optimal flexibility. The zoom features of PADS4 Designer ensure that you can design for any resolution with ease.

Unrivaled data connectivity

PADS4 Designer is all about data. Create truly dynamic presentations with live-data, pulled from external sources like RSS news feeds, Microsoft Outlook Calendar, or Microsoft Excel files, and link directly to page elements in your digital signage templates.

With support for nearly 100 data sources, ranging from simple text files and generic database drivers to MS Exchange and SharePoint, PADS4 Designer is our best presentation software for linking and sharing data. Find out what you can do with PADS4 Designer. Bring your own data to life with dynamic charts and design tables and graphs to show real-time feeds and information in beautiful digital signage templates and layouts. Or, embed existing PowerPoint presentations, websites, or stream live data directly to PADS4 Designer.

Get in CTRL of your presentations

Save time and money on visual design with PADS4 Designer. Our tools allow you to import existing content and presentation designs from media files, databases, and live feeds, integrate layouts and visual effects, and quickly create an attractive presentation using simple digital signage templates.

Plus, with advanced options including data scrolling, filtering, and conditional content rules, PADS4 Designer lets you create truly dynamic presentations that respond to real-time data.

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