PADS4 Scheduler

When and where to schedule a presentation

Smart scheduling

PADS4 Scheduler is a digital signage controller offering a simple interface and high-end scheduling tools. With a familiar Office-like interface, step-by-step Wizard, and drag-and-drop functionality, our presentation controller will have you distributing and scheduling presentations in minutes.

A real-time presentation controller

Update your displays in real time with the PADS4 Scheduler. Use our digital signage controller to make changes to live content, adjust presentations, and create new schedules in seconds… without disrupting playback. Our presentation controller features easy drag and drop tools, so you can quickly adjust display periods, change recurring scheduling and add new content to your display calendar with just a few clicks of your mouse.

Whether you need last minute changes or need to solve a scheduling error, PADS4 Scheduler makes it easy. Just open your content, update, and instantly distribute to your entire signage network.

Efficient scheduling at the tip of your fingers

High-end scheduling tools to give you complete control over your display calendar.

Schedule wizard

Perform scheduling tasks in a snap with the schedule wizard. Just select a presentation, destination and display period and PADS4 will do the rest. To meet your complex scheduling requirements use presentation playlists, timetables or one of the many options for recurring schedules. It’s all just a case of following the wizard.

Presentation playlists

Use your predesigned presentations to compose and schedule a playlist. Decide on the fly about the pages of your presentations you want to include. PADS4 automatically calculates the total duration of your playlist, so you know exactly how much time is left to fill your display period.

Recurring schedules

Do you want to display specific content every first Monday of the month from 8:30 AM until 10:30 AM for the next 6 months? No problem, with the comprehensive set of recurring options in PADS4 you are in total CTRL of your content scheduling. From daily to yearly recurrence, repeat your presentation to your liking.

Not just simple content planning

With PADS4 Scheduler you can work with priority levels to set the importance of your presentations and make sure the right information is displayed in case of overlapping schedules. Use the predefined levels or define your own. Reserve the highest priority for emergency situations where you must be assured that your message is shown.

Save time by organizing your displays in logical groups with relevant names. Schedule your presentation to a group and it will automatically play on all displays of the group. Nest your groups into other groups or place your displays in multiple groups to find the grouping that works best for your organization.

Also, as administrator you decide who has authority to control the scheduling of presentations. Give users restricted access to specific displays or a zone on the screen, depending on their role. Set the maximum allowed priority level, so you can always overrule the presentation that is displayed.

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